Effective Ways To Promote Your Content


You’ve put in a lot of effort creating content, researching it, and, of course, writing it. The work then continues after you publish. Yes, it is necessary to create content. However, it is just as important to promote what you already have. Creating a strategy to promote what you’ve already worked so hard on can be the most effective way of increasing traffic and brand awareness.

You don’t have to publish multiple pieces every day. In this instance, less is more. And you can get more out of your previous work than you would if you published a hastily thrown-together piece every day. The key is to write in-depth pieces and then promote them appropriately.

Here are some of the ways you can promote content:

Social Media

You have a few options for social media sharing. You can share on your page or someone else’s. You can also share with groups that you are a member of. This means you have an infinite number of ways to share on social media.

Social media is the most convenient platform for immersing yourself in the conversation (about your business and niche), while also allowing you to reach a larger number of people at once. Social media allows your content to be easily shared. The majority of viral content is spread via social media. Consider memes, videos, hashtags, and so on. Your content can thrive here; all you have to do is share it.

Email Broadcast

The advantage of promoting content in emails is that it is not as obvious. People may be interested enough to click on it, and they will at the very least be aware that it exists. Newsletters, in particular, are an excellent medium for disseminating your content. Consider a newsletter to which you have subscribed. It most likely contains the main message, followed by relevant articles linked throughout. 

Alternatively, it could be listed at the very bottom. Readers may not click on all of the links, but they may be piqued if something piques their interest.

Suggestions for emailing your content:

  • Drip campaigns for newsletters
  • Signatures on emails
  • Emails of confirmation/thank you
  • Product enhancements


Your content must have a home, and your blog is most likely the best place for it. Your blog serves as a content hub. Articles, white pages, eBooks, newsletter subscriptions, and other content can be housed here. It’s also worth noting that you can share other updates on your blogs, such as upcoming services or products.

The trick is to keep your blog as relevant as possible, which means keeping your items updated or posting regularly. Nobody wants to land on a blog and see that the last post was six or more months ago.

Keeping your content up to date may be enough to entice people to share it. Because they want to keep ranking, many of the top blogs recycle their content and update it with new statistics. When you make edits, part of this is simply updating and changing the date. This can assist your old content to rank and become everlasting. After all, it is your evergreen content that generates revenue. Those timeless pieces will continue to be shareable and drive traffic.

Online Communities

Aside from social media platforms, there are numerous online communities available. You can take advantage of this and promote your content as well. Sites like Quora, Growthhackers, and Reddit, for example, offer an additional channel for sharing.

These sites, however, have some limitations. Quora, for example, does not allow you to be overly promotional. You’ll need to organize your content into thoughtful threads, such as answering people’s questions and then linking to your content for additional information. 

Even so, you must exercise caution. If your response appears to be too self-serving, they may delete your comment. You can even republish content on sites like Medium, which essentially acts as a second blog for your content.

These are some of the ways you can promote content. Promoting your content is critical to establishing your brand. It’s one thing to make a good product; it’s quite another to write about it. By sharing your knowledge, you are establishing yourself and increasing your social currency (and desire to be shared).

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