Your ideas are better than you think


As it is rightly said, a good idea becomes a great idea when you let it out.
Every mind that thinks, ideates and comes up with an idea is a genius mind. We must not think of our ideas as a waste and throw them into the dustbin. Our ideas are better than we think and they are what make us unique thinking individuals. It’s extremely essential for us to speak up our ideas as they might be the beginning of a revolution.

Every great idea that has today become a revolution was once just a small thought.
If the thinker at that time would have not shared it, how could that idea become big?
Philosophers, professors, scientists, astronauts are all thinkers firstly and then they have expertise in their respective field. It’s rightly said that every individual should have their thinking caps on and curate, ideate, innovate ideas that can bring out a change.

Living in an ever-changing world, we are at one of the most comfortable places where everything and anything can be done with just a click! All of this has happened because once there was a genius mind who gave this world the power of technology. Technology has not only made us what we are, but has simply changed the face of this world. This ease and comfort is because of an idea and it’s execution. So the next time you think that your idea is trash, don’t forget that if Newton wouldn’t have thought about the falling apple, we wouldn’t have known the law of gravity!

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